The Hotel Savoy and her History

1894 - forever

Hotel Savoy
A History

The Savoy

The Savoy stands today, catering to thousands of different hotel guest's every year, just like it has done for over 128 years. Opening as the's Hotel Savoy on December 6th, 1894, the Hotel continues to maintain it's's status as a cultural icon and premier hotel establishment. Operating as's the 21c Museum Hotel and Savoy Grill, today, the foundation that was's build almost 130 years ago, still lifts this building today.

Let's look back

From Advertisements annoucing her rooms, to eerie details of those who passed away behind her walls. Below you will find a timeline of the Hotels creation, as well as news clippings detailing deaths, robberies and other curiosities

A Timeline

AnInstitution is Begun.


Fore Here They Chose to Rest Enternal

Remembering some of those, whome took their last breaths in these walls


For the Curious

View archived turn of the century newspaper articles that detail the day to day world of The Savoy


Preserving the Past

View various photographs showcasing the architecture and surrounding street views


The Way We Were

A Gallery of photos from through out the years before she was reborn into the 21c

Cross of Fire (1989)

David 'Steve' Stephenson uses prejudice to gain sociopolitical influence in the Klan, when the Klan was at the height of its power.
Stars: John Heard, Mel Harris, David Morse, George Dunda, Donald Moffat, Keith Sarabajka, Kim Hunter, Lloyd Bridges, Richard Riehle, Stephen Root, and William Schallert.
Directed by: Paul Wendkos